𝐎 𝐩 𝐞 𝐱, 25 лет
mulat, 33 года
mulat, 33 года
༺ ВОЛЧИЦА ༻, 69 лет
༺ ВОЛЧИЦА ༻, 69 лет
: ❤РbI)-|-([email protected]@❤, 36 лет
alex krek, 69 лет
Плановой, 41 год
Странник, 38 лет
𝐎 𝐩 𝐞 𝐱, 25 лет
𝐎 𝐩 𝐞 𝐱, 25 лет
mulat, 33 года
𝐑𝐉 𝐌𝐈𝐑𝐀𝐆𝐄 ™, 29 лет В субботу в 19 часов играем)))


September 12, 2019

Stickers in videochat

Animated sticker support was added to videochat and general chat.

Purchase and use stickers collections possible only on new website version, that is currently in development.

July 27, 2019

English version of website

Website is fully translated and adapted for English speaking users.

May 28, 2019


Authors can add youtube videos to their video broadcasts.

You can entertain your viewers with music videos or make a joint movie viewing.

March 7, 2019

Golden nickname

Having a maximum level is now not only useful, but also stylish!

Users with the highest possible level get a unique - gold - design of the nickname in the general chat and video chat.

March 5, 2019

Protective abilities are even more accessible

Protection, Terminator and Treatment abilities are now available from level 0!

This means that they are available to those users whose experience has dropped to 0. Using protection, such users can not only increase their defenses against rivals via video chat, but also simultaneously increase their level of experience.

More information about abilities can be found on a separate help page.

February 16, 2019

Video chat redesign

Once again, in a long time, the appearance of our video chat has changed!

Large avatars of users, stylish colors and fashionable transparency - to use the list of broadcasts has become much nicer.

January 30, 2019

New ability

Meet the new ability - Anagram!

Apply the Anagram to your foe and the words in his messages will begin to shuffle in random order.

Like other abilities, Anagram just gives you a lot of experience.

More information about abilities can be found on a separate help page.

January 27, 2019

Ability Changes

Abilities have changed beyond recognition!

Not only the prices and requirements for use have changed, but also the most important thing is the amount of experience that abilities give!

The experience gained from using abilities has increased tenfold, which made them the most affordable way to pump the user level.

Terminator's ability has changed beyond recognition - it has ceased to be rated, and in order to cure its effect, we have introduced a completely new ability - Liquidation.

More information about abilities can be found on a separate help page.

January 9, 2019

Birthday greetings

Starting today, if you have a birthday, the surrounding users will know about it!

A large notice will appear in the profile that you should be congratulated today.

And when you enter the general chat and video chat all users in the room will receive a message about your personal holiday.

December 23, 2018

Photo Gallery Redesign

The long-awaited interface redesign for viewing user photos.

Now browse through photos uploaded by users much more convenient!

December 1, 2018

Mobile version of the site

For those of our users who prefer to use mobile devices, we present a mobile version of the site!

A full video chat, mail and dating section is now always with you!

October 28, 2018

Global video chat change

Video chat redone using new technology.

This will allow us to make a full-fledged video chat on the mobile version of the site, over which we are now actively working.

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