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How to use website and videochat

How do I get a Elite account?

You can purchase a Elite account in menu ‘Buy account’ for gold.

  • Open menu ‘Buy account’.
  • Choose the duration – 1, 7, or 30 days.
  • Select ‘Buy’.

You can also send a premium account to another user as a gift or get it as a gift. To send a gift, use menu ‘Account’ in the profile of a user whom you want to send the gift.

What opportunities do you get with a Elite account?

Elite account gives users additional opportunities:

  • Increased number of live streams that you can simultaneously watch in the videochat.
  • Every day you gain experience: 500, 800, 1200, 1500 (for days 1 to 5; from day 6, the sequence is repeated).
  • Additional experience if you use abilities: users with a Elite account get 25% more experience.
  • Incognito mode. Your profile won’t be displayed to users whose profiles you are visiting.
  • You can start a password-protected videochat rooms.
  • You can add videos from YouTube in the videochat.
  • You can see who has added you to favorites.

What currency is used on the website and how do I get it?

The currency of the website is called golden credits.

You can purchase gold credits for real money or get them from other users. Check out the full list of ways to buy gold in the payment menu that opens when you select ‘Buy gold’.

With golden credits you can use abilities, buy a premium account, buy emoji in a videochat, rate pictures, and buy one-of-a-kind gifts, rating, and favorites.

How do I start streaming?

  • Go to Videochat section (webcam icon)
  • Click on ‘Start streaming’
  • In the pop-up window specify your room's name and select a webcam and a microphone. Confirm by clicking ‘Start’.

Congratulations, you are now live!

How do I watch a stream?

  • Go to Videochat section and you will see the list of the rooms created by other users. On the icons of the streams, the user’s name and profile picture are shown, as well as the name of the stream and its duration.
  • Choose the room you would like to enter and left-click on the icon. If you select the nickname of a user, you will be redirected to his/her profile without entering the room.

Can I interact in a videochat without a webcam?

Of course! Webcam is needed only if you want to start your own stream. You can watch other users’ streams and interact in a traditional text chat without a webcam.

Can I remove users I don’t like from my room?

The streamer can do this. Left-click near the person’s nickname in the user list on your right. In the menu that opens select ‘Kick user out’. The person who is kicked out will be deleted from the stream and will not be able to join the stream again.

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