В розыске, 44 года Принеси хорошее настроение с собой и порадуешь тех, кто собирается его испортить.
Соня Королёва, 33 years
Соня Королёва, 33 years
вольдемар, 52 года
DIVA, 60 лет
DIVA, 60 лет
𝐑𝐉 ★𝐒𝐜𝐎𝐫𝐏★, 45 лет Доброе утро_)).....конечно все прекрасно утром_)
В розыске, 44 года Всё-таки утро прекрасно, оно не безжалостно, как ночь, заставляющая вспоминать то, что хочешь забыть
❅МѻᎮѻз Иɮаԋѻɮич❅, 31 год
❅МѻᎮѻз Иɮаԋѻɮич❅, 31 год
           𝑷𝑹𝑶💥, 28 лет
andrey_ka, 26 лет
andrey_ka, 26 лет

Gifts and achievements

How do I send a gift?

  • Open the profile of the user who you want to send a gift and click ‘+’ in the gift menu.
  • Choose the gift.
  • If you want to add a message to your gift, write it in the textbox and click ‘Send the gift’. If the message is not needed, just click on the button and your gift will be immediately sent to the addressee.

Why are some gifts semi-transparent and I cannot send them?

Not all gifts can be sent with level 1 – some are available later. The higher your level, the more gifts are available.

What are gift collections and how do I make them?

Collection is a set of several specific gifts. For example, collection ‘Everything for you’ is made of gifts ‘Louis Vuitton’, ‘Evening shoes’, ‘Coco Chanel’, ‘Wedding ring’, ‘Contena watch’, and ‘Tesla Model S’ – if you got at least one of each, this means that you have got a collection.

Additional experience and rating (and sometimes – a unique prize) is given for a full collection.

See further information about collections in your profile by clicking ‘Collections’.

Why do I need achievements and how do I get them?

Users are awarded ‘Achievements’ for various activities – from a detailed profile information to having a record number of viewers during the stream.

Why do I need achievements?

Achievements are a great way of showing yourself off to other users and getting to know people whose profiles you are reviewing. Achievements can tell about the person no less than the medals and shoulder marks about a soldier. If you see ‘One for all, all for one!’, then you can be sure that the person has no fewer than 3 reliable friends. If you see ‘Hero of the screen’, then this is surely a highly popular streamer.

See full list of achievements and conditions of achieving them in your profile.

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