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Chat roulette

Chat roulette

Dating websites

Online dating has existed since the beginning of the Internet. It takes place on specific websites where you can get a list of prospective love interests according to your criteria, while comfortably relaxing on your couch. Further communication takes place via e-mail, messenger, or chat.

Despite the simplicity and convenience of photo-based dating, this method has its drawbacks. Photos can belong to a different person rather than to the one who has uploaded them. Alternatively, one can be using old photos. This is why traditional dating sites were replaced by videochats, where you can see the partner live via web-camera.

The so-called chat rooms have existed for a long time, though they are not useful when it comes to online dating. You don’t have the idea what your partner looks like or how he/she talks. There is chat roulette, but it’s not suitable for something serious. Not everyone likes meeting with new people. After videochats had been introduced, chat roulette became much less popular. Increasingly more people want to be able to choose the which person they wish to contact, as well as talk to their friends.

Dating in videochat

Videochat is primarily a means of communication, though it is widely used for dating as well. Videochat allows you to not only hear and see the person. It is some sort of an intermediate stage of dating before the meeting. Video in real time mode helps you to be sure that this is the author of the profile, and you can ask any questions you want before asking him or her for a real date. If the sound is turned off, you can use the chat that usually comes with the video.

There is a special type of videochats called videochat roulette, which is very suitable for the so-called random dating. When you turn on your webcam, we offer you a random person. This means that you can see and talk to the person before you find out his or her name, age, and other information from their profile, which is generally used on traditional dating sites.

Which dating website should I choose?

Hitlove is the unique website that combines the convenience of a social network, traditional dating website, and videochat. Millions of people who are registered on this website are already using the unlimited opportunities to find their significant other and communicate with new and old friends and acquaintances.

Besides providing a traditional approach to searching profiles based on sex, age, and location, Hitlove offers an opportunity to participate in random dating via webcam in real time in modern videochat. After joining a videochat room, you can see and hear its owner, ask your questions in a chat, send a gift or an animated sticker.

Our videochat also has some properties of chat roulette: in a random room, you will surely meet new people, and one of them can make you feel like developing the acquaintance! To do this, you can start a private video broadcasting (a room in a videochat), where you and your acquaintance will be on your own, with no one else around.

Do you want to become famous? Start streaming in videochat, acquire dozens and hundreds of viewers, receive gifts and emoji, and even love confessions! View and rate photos, send gifts, talk in a chat – Hitlove has all kinds of opportunities to meet new people and communicate with them!

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